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What is the KLT process and how can it help you sell more Clickbank products?

If you have ever tried your hand at affiliate marketing or any kind of online promotions, you should already be familiar with the phrase, “KLT process.” What does KLT stand for? To recap, it means Know, Like and Trust. This is the foundation of any kind of sales. I don’t care whether you’re selling stuff on a street corner, in a department store or over the internet. You have to go through this process, otherwise you’re not […]

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Clickbank gravity scores can be your undoing

I remember the first time that I got into Clickbank and it was really easy for me to get excited. When I got into Clickbank, it felt like I was a kid trapped in a candy store. I didn’t want to be let out. There are just so many different products to promote because I knew that there are many different sources of traffic on the internet. These distinct streams of traffic have demonstrated demands for certain […]

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