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Why do so many Clickbank marketers fail on Quora?

If there is any one marketing platform you need to pay attention to, it is Quora.com. Quora is the internet’s leading question and answer platform. People from all over the world post questions on Quora related to all sorts of topic categories. Whatever question you may have posted on Quora, chances are, somebody with the right knowledge set will answer your question sooner rather than later. That’s how big Quora is. In fact, Quora is the top […]

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This is the #1 success ingredient in forum marketing

I’ve been promoting Clickbank products for many years now. I’ve seen a lot of affiliate marketers come and go in this business. A lot of them come in, talking a big game. In fact, a lot of them make a lot of noise. It’s very easy to fall for the hype. It’s very easy to think that a lot of these people know exactly what they’re talking about. After all, they’re talking about making a lot of […]

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Build your Clickbank promotions business around existing demand

There are so many ways to fail with online marketing that it really boggles the mind. What’s even more shocking is that a lot of people seem to be in a hurry to discover the latest and greatest method in failing early. I know that sounds kind of sad and pathetic, but that’s precisely what’s going on. You have to understand that just because you think a product is hot, awesome or “the next big thing,” it […]

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